Ultra-sound Pregnancy Testing

Riverina Genetics technicians offer an on -farm walk through ultrasound pregnancy testing service.  Our technicians cover an extensive region through out Victoria and NSW.

Pregnancy scanning of ewes is an effective management tool producers can employ to increase the profitability of both their wool and meat sheep enterprises. The process involves utilising ultrasound technology, which is placed on the ewe's abdomen and can detect a pregnancy and, at the right time, the number of lambs she is carrying.

The best time for this procedure is around 80 days after the rams are put with the ewes. At this time, the scanner can detect the number of lambs and also in certain cases determine if they will be an "early" or "late lambing ewes”

What can we do with this information? 

The greatest benefit of this information is how we manage our feed and our ewe body condition score (BCS). By preferentially feeding the twin-bearing ewes we can increase/maintain adequate ewe condition which in turn increases lamb birth weight and results in a corresponding increase in lamb survivability. On the other side of the coin, now that we know which the single and dry ewes are we can feed them less, as per their requirements. For producers with feed shortages dry ewes can now be sold either at scanning or after shearing.

Ultrasound image of a twin pregnancy in sheep. 

Tim VanLieshout