Artificial Breeding in Dogs 

Stud breeders have a choice of techniques that will enhance the breeding programs of their stud sires and bitches. These techniques include semen freezing, semen storage and artificial insemination.

  • Semen freezing and storage ensures the breeding future of top stud dogs and provides insurance against accidents, illness and premature aging, as well providing a medium to disseminate genetics. 
    • One collection from a healthy, fertile male can produce up to twenty straws (usually enough to join a bitch four times by artificial insemination).
    • Semen collection and the resultant viability of the semen frozen is determined by the age and health of the donor sire at the time of collection. The sire aged between 1 and 5 years is the best candidate for semen production for freezing and often results in reliable and optimum pregnancy rates. The semen frozen is assessed in our laboratory prior to and after freezing, we also send the sale semen to an independent semen assessment laboratory for final testing and reporting.  
    • We recommend our breeders to sell and buy a joining package that should include : the stud fee , minimum of 2 bitch insemination parcels of semen, and a certificate of assessment of the frozen -thawed semen by an independent semen laboratory. Our professional service includes the dispatch of joining packages in cryogenic shipping containers for insemination in Australia and for International Export. See semen exports ...
  • Semen Storage 
    • Semen is stored at our secure DAFF Export Approved Storage Facility, located in Deniliquin, NSW.  Semen is held in our cryostorage tanks that are constantly monitored to ensure preservation of your valuable genetic material. At Riverina Genetics, we provide a full inventory/semen storage/semen dispatch service for our clients, and all genetic material shipped is "transit insured" up to the value of " cost of production". 
  • Artificial Insemination 
    • The secret to successful breeding and obtaining an optimum litter size relies on using at least two heat-detection aids (e.g. breeding history, vaginal cytology, behavioural changes, progesterone assays, vaginoscopy). The more information available will provide a better predictor of the correct time to inseminate. 
    • Riverina Genetics provides fresh semen vaginal artificial insemination and both frozen semen surgical insemination and Non Surgical TCI  at our Veterinary Clinics in Echuca -Moama and Deniliquin.
    • A successful joining with frozen semen requires planning and proper heat detection and measurement to accurately detect the time of ovulation.         

Contact our office to arrange a suitable joining program for your bitch. 

Surgical Insemination

  (TCI) Trancervical Insemination

Semen Storage & Semen Exports 

Semen Exports:

    • Riverina Genetics has successfully exported dog semen worldwide.
    • The health status of all sires is examined and the semen is collected and certified by our experienced veterinarians prior to export.
    • Donor sires are registered with the relevant breed societies and have appropriate genetic screening backgrounds.
    • Our export sire packs contain; veterinary health certificate, semen quality assessment report, 16 x 1/4 ml straws (suitable for 4 inseminations)  either by Surgical Insemination or Transcervical Insemination (TCI) .
    • If our experienced veterinarians are not performing the insemination, we are able to provide a comprehensive advice sheet for the inseminating veterinarian.
    • Riverina Genetics offers an online genetic catalogue from many breeds of dogs. Go to our online listing for the breed and donor sire you require.